Other Projects

The Great Khan is a busy monarch and has many projects to better his realm. The following are some of those projects. Updates may be provided on the primary thread or on their own blogs.

Santa Cruz Trains: Railroads of the Santa Cruz Mountains — A book recording this history of the various railroads that operated over the Santa Cruz Mountains between 1875 and 1863. The blog is updated weekly with more articles on Santa Cruz Trains. The book is planned for release in late February, 2015, as an e-book.

Santa Cruz Trains: The End of the Line – A short book documenting the fight to save the railroad in 1940 after the Southern Pacific petitioned to abandon the route.

Dynastology — A series of analyses and critiques of historical dynasties, including how they were perceived, developed, died out, and survived. This is linked to my dissertation topic and is updated periodically.

Inheritance Trees – Available at dynastology.com, I am making large-format PDF family trees of the major royal families of Europe. The scheme continues to change but for 2013, I plan to complete the French and English royal families, as well as most of those peripheral to the region. I also will complete the Crusader States genealogy, as those are closely related.

The Ancestry of Elizabeth II — As part of an ongoing expansion of my Reunion 9 genealogical database, I have been focusing my efforts most extensively on the ancestors of Queen Elizabeth II, though the ancestry of her grandchildren, William and Harry, have also been pushed to the forefront recently

The Lost History of Eire — An ongoing series of stories set in the landscape of Ireland during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. It follows the character Blærné the Deceiver as he seeks to destroy the power of Ban-Shee, the all powerful fairy lord of the north, using the fabled Blarney Stone. 

The Credwell Chronicles A horror-fiction series of three books-in-progress documenting the terrifying tragedies of the Credwell family of Santa Cruz.

Tales of Buccaneer Bay — A short-story series based on the Buccaneer Bay Adventure Miniature Golf course at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Teddy Rides to Santa Cruz — An illustrated children's book of President Theodore Roosevelt and his 1906 publicity tour to Santa Cruz, CA. Told in the perspective of his son, Quentin. Most images based on original photographs of the South Pacific Coast Railroad.

Monarch Wars: The Fall of the Byzantine Empire — A European-style board game based on the politics and intrigue of royalty in the Early Modern period of European history.

The Barbarian Report — Posted right here in the Musings of the Great Khan, I began two years ago an ongoing series of "reports", or reviews, of the board game Carcassonne and its expansions. I have since begun expanding out to other game series as well as other media.

LEGO as an AfterThought — A periodic review series of LEGO sets that are over five years old. This has allowed some time to pass so that the sets can be compared to both older and newer sets. Check the link for more details.

Wikipedia — Although not as active as I once was, I still maintain a presence on Wikipedia and occasionally edit an article. The previous link takes you to my user page.

Wookieepedia — Similarly, I am a contributor to the Star Wars Wikia page, Wookieepedia. The previous link takes you to my user page.

Reading, Audiobooks, Television, Video Games, and Film — Also available is an ongoing list of books, magazines, short stories, audiobooks, television shows, video games, and films that I have completed or watched this year. A list for last year is also available.
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Defunct Projects
Late Night with Zam Wesell — A retired and formerly weekly webcomic based on the Star Wars character Zam Wesell and set in the Star Wars universe using LEGOs. There is a lot of cross-over here and no continuity with the actual Star Wars universe whatsoever.

World of Catan — I hoped to make the best Settlers of Catan website in the English-speaking world but today the site languishes not half done. The forums are rarely noticed and the website is hopelessly out of date, yet I refuse to delete it just yet. It remains the best website I have ever created. The link will take you to the site.

Lord of the Rings Complete Annotated Rules — A hybrid rules booklet encompassing the rules for the base game, Friends & FoesSauron, and Battlefields including the "Black Gate" special rules for Foe cards.