Barbarian Report

The decrees and proclamations of the Great Khan extend to all venues. His princely perceptions appear across the Silk Road of the Interweb, with links available here to such destinations:

LEGO As An AfterThought (on BrickSet)
I have a large collection of LEGOs and began reviewing older sets a few years ago. My primary goal is to review older sets, comparing them to newer sets that I also own. Hence the "afterthought" part of my review series.

The Barbarian Report: BGG Reviews
My review series on BoardGameGeek looks at various games, but primarily Carcassonne expansions, noting not only the positive features of the expansion, but also the negative aspects. Every expansion that is currently available from Hans im Gluck and Spielbox are reviewed, and I hope to add more reviews of other games and expansions as I have the time.

BoardGameGeek Session Reports

Amazon Reviews