Lost Eire

Lost History of Eire
An ongoing series of stories set in the landscape of Ireland during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. It follows the character Blærné the Deceiver as he seeks to destroy the power of Ban-Shee, the all powerful fairy lord of the north, using the fabled Blarney Stone.

The perspective of the story, however, is from the character of Anthony Theodore Baelor, 1st Baron Baelor (Irish Peerage), who discovered three caches of artifacts proving the existence of this lost period in Ireland's history. While discredited during his lifetime, his research was rediscovered in the 21st century by Derek Whaley who is releasing annotated versions of his published and unpublished essays, adding commentary and analysis where appropriate.

The majority of the material below is written within the universe of A.T. Baelor.

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