Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lost History of Eire: Quote from "On the Previously Unknown Peoples of Eire"

"It astounds me that such marvels can still be found in the world today, but I feel confident in making the bold presumption that the creatures that experienced these events were not humans in any manner, but something far smaller, more intelligent, cunning, and perhaps even divine. I hazard to state publicly that these creatures more adequately resemble leprechauns or fairies than anything known to this world. This revelation brings as much sadness to me as joy, in knowing that we, human beings, may have been responsible for such a magnicifent genocide. The loss of such a thing, something previously considered mythology and nothing more, resonates still in our collective consciousness and in our dreams, and we mourn its loss even as we discover new myths to replace those that are gone forever."
-- A.T. Baelor, "On the Previously Unknown Peoples of Eire"

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