Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lost History of Eire: Transliterated Names & Translation

One of the earliest documents regarding this speculative history of medieval Ireland was found in the stacks of Queen's College, Cork. In it, a chronicle attributed to Saint Finbarr, bishop of Cork from the late 500s to 620 C.E., mentions a list of names. Interestingly, according to this alternate history, Saint Finbarr could not have existed as the cataclysm resulting from the eruption of Mount Krakatau in Java occurred prior to his episcopate.

In all likelihood, this list was compiled by Dominic Tierrey, first bishop of Cork and Cloyne following the Reformation of King Henry VIII. It is notable that these names appear in Latinized form rather than in the strange scripts that I have come across thus far. Furthermore, some of the names have contemporary equivalents to known names, though many do not. Whether these names are a further aspect of Henry VIII's replacement of the actual history of Ireland during the medieval period, or an actual translation of the strange scripts, I am not certain. However, the strangeness of the names and the lack of other references to them, either by later historians or by those responsible for the initial fabrication, suggests they may indeed be original translations. Why no other translations have made it to the present is unclear, but hopefully further research will yield results. In any case, these names alone may be enough to translate other parts of the strange script.

List of names of medieval Irish origin (equivalents as asides):
  • Blærné — Blarney
  • Kílkea — Kilkea
  • Môchandroi — Mochachai
  • Zoë — Zoe
  • Malaïa — Maalaea
  • Hûndín — Houdini
  • Macbèt — MacBeth
  • Kaëlí — Kaylee
  • Täegen — Tigger
  • Palég — Pal
  • Salâk — White Sox
  • Nícordör — Niko
  • Síslag — Sizzle
  • Gërchán — Gretchen
  • Mükár — Moocher
  • Särpo — Socko Pocko
  • Mémiath — Memo
  • Ándèrs — Sanders
  • Elenvár — Anywhere
  • Bolí — Booty
  • Bûfroi — Buffy
  • Stûc — Spike
  • Místel — Missy
  • Gäsen — Scratches
  • Rärí — Memory
  • Ófï — Sophie
  • Fanuüel — Fantasia
  • Fûgét — Fuget
  • Lukél — Ike
  • Ínûs — Indy
  • Katín — Katie
  • Sanür — Sandy
  • Zëp — Zee
  • Zäm — Sam
  • Zélphï — Sophie

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