Monday, July 28, 2014

Monarch Wars: Spin-off Ideas

After some thought during a shift at Game Deck, I thought that if I have a game depicting the rise and fall of dynasties in Europe throughout the Early Modern and Modern era, why couldn't I also make games depicting the consolidation of specific countries throughout history? Thus far, my ideas are pretty Euro-centric, but it's a start:
  • Monarch Wars: France
  • Monarch Wars: Britain
  • Monarch Wars: Spain
  • Monarch Wars: Germany
  • Monarch Wars: Italy
Furthermore, I have some basic concept ideas on how these spin-offs could work. Players would begin the game as rulers of specific duchies, counties, etc., much in the manner of the old computer game, Castles: Siege & Conquest. Pretty much anything that was officially or nominally autonomous. Throughout the game, players would be trying to inherit, conquer, or otherwise acquire neighboring lands. At first the game would be competitive, but over time, as the country consolidates, it would become cooperative as some of the players would eventually be inherited into another player's realm. Once they become a part of another player's realm, they continue to try and expand their influence, but through other means and for the benefit of the team rather than themselves. The winner is the player who inherits all (or most) of the land in the country in question. The four countries I've chosen thus far all consolidated largely from inheritance, especially France and Spain, so it would definitely be an interesting game.

France would be the first one I'd do and the five starting realms would probably be:
  • Aquitaine
  • Normandy
  • Burgundy
  • Provance
  • Île de France
That would provide the basis for some of the historical divisions that eventually unified under Louis XIV.

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